Chamber Orchestra "Soloists of Uzbekistan"

In the perfect technical direction and execution by the participants of the musical collective, Raimdzhanv achieves lofty heights of creativity.

The Repertoire of the ensemble is rich with various styles, directions, and genres. Special attention in the program is dedicated to the roots of the creative work of the composers.

Through its creativity, "Soloists of Uzbekistan" have introduced listeners with works of our home country, and our near abroad; Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltics.

Eight American States, the City of South Africa, Mozambique, where the orchestra have toured, have all met them with great applause.

Bright chapters in the history of the ensemble are noted in collaborations with such artists as; V. Pikaizen (Moscow),  A. Vinnitski (Moscow), B. Katarovich (Kiev), I. Kalnitsiem (Riga), V. Ambartsumyan (Moscow), Ramon Yaffe (Berlin), Hans-Ulrich Braner (Munich), Saim Akchil (Turkey),  Mikhail Rozenblum (Israel), Bekzod Abduraimov (USA), Chen Shi (China), Daniel Vice (USA).

Presently "Soloists of Uzbekistan" is one of the most popular collectives in its republic. All of the musicians are united by their love and loyalty to their profession, and in the pursuit of mastery.