Chamber Orchestra "Soloists of Uzbekistan"


Anvar Raimjanov


Meruert Karmenova
violin (Kazakhstan)


Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni
Sonata No. 2

Pablo de Sarasate
Gypsy Airs’ for violin and orchestra

Alexey Shor
‘Phantasms’ for violin and orchestra

Anvar Raimjanov

The creative biography of one of the great professional musicians, Artistic Director and Conductor of the chamber orchestra, "Soloists  of Uzbekistan," Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Anvar Khusanovich Raimdzhanov, is widely known in musical spheres, not only in Uzbekistan, but also far beyond our republic. Possessing a wide musical erudition and having a long spanning performance experience,  A. K. Raimdzhanov is a true enthusiast and unmistakable specialist, having dedicated his art and educational endeavors, talent and refinement of his mastery to instrumental chamber music and performance on the Cello. 

A. Raimdzhonov was born on May 13th, 1948, in Urunchi (China). In 1958 his family emigrated to the USSR (Kyrgyzstan). He began his education on the cello at age ten in Almaty in the Central School of Music named for K. Baiseitov. Here, under the master teacher S. Zhakeev, the young musician, of the course of eight years, unlocked the secrets to mastery of the cello. Ever the diligent student, the young cellist Anvar Raimdzhanov frequently performed in various concerts and festivals.
One of these, the International competition- Festival ISME in Moscow (1971).

Having entered the Tashkent Conservatory studying under professor I. I. Ibragimov, he participated in international and regional musical competitions, and became the undisputed winner (Moscow, Riga, Bishkek, Tashkent).
Considerable contributions were made by A. K. Raimdzhanov toward the development of instrumental chamber music over the years ( from 1971), in the chamber orchestras:  State Television and Raiod of Uzbekistan, "Academy of Cultural Treasures," "Turkiston," "Soloists of Uzbekistan''- he proved himself a bright solo cellist, ensemble player, and orchestral player. 

With extraordinary organizational abilities and performance mastery, A. K. Raimdzhonov with new energy made himself known during his time and activity with the National String Quartet of Uzbekistan (1986-1993), as  a Founder, Artistic Director,  and Soloist.
Covering all of the new concert halls, this collective regularly toured the cities of Uzbekistan and the republics of the near abroad. In 1990, the members of the quartet became the laureates of first place in the international competition in Tashkent. The entire catalogue of their performances entered the Golden Fund of television and radio of Uzbekistan.

Since 1998, A. K. Raimdzhanov heads the chamber orchestra "Soloists of Uzbekistan" as Conductor and Artistic Director.  Now his performative and creative potential has become even more multifaceted as the interpretations of compositions and composers of different styles, national schools, and directions are explored and opened in new ways.

For his great creative contributions in the sphere of music culture in Uzbekistan. A. K. Raimdzhanov was awarded the title, "Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan" in 2002.

Always finding connection with its audience, whether it is in his native Uzbekistan, neighboring Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, or far away Turkey, Mozambique, or South Africa, the concerts of "Soloists of Uzbekistan" under the direction of A. K. Raimdzhanov are a bright event in the musical lives of these countries.


Meruert Karmenova


Karmenova Meruert was born in 1993 in Pavlodar. She started studying violin at the Tchaikovsky Music School. From 2004 to 2012 she studied at the Gnesiny secondary special school. In 2012 she entered the Moscow State (Tchaikovsky) Conservatory. In 2017 she graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory under the direction of Tatiana Berkul. She is a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory.

In September 2018, she has been artist in residence at the Music Chapel, under the guidance of Augustin Dumay.

Meruert is Laureate of international competitions: In 2007, she won the 2nd prize of The II International Competition of violinists – D. F. Oistrakh in Moscow;

• In 2008, the first prize at the II International Violin Competition in Kazakhstan (Astana)In 2010 the 1st prize at the VII International Competition of Musicians “Symphony” in Volgograd and the 1st prize at the VI International Violin Competition – L. van Beethoven in Austria.

• In 2012, the 1st prize of the XVIII Tolyatti International Competition of Music Performers, the 1st prize of the XVIII Open competition of musicians – N.Sabitov, and the 1st prize of the VI Demidov International Youth Violin Competition “De Mux” in Ekaterinburg.

• In 2013 the 2nd prize of the V International D. Oistrakh violin competition in Moscow.

• In 2014, the 4th prize of the 33 International Violin Competition “Premio Rudolfo Lipizer” (Italy, Gorizia).

• In 2016 the 5th prize of the VI International Violin Competition in Sendai (Japan), and the 3d prize of The II International Violin Competition Oleg Krusa in Ukraine.

• In 2017, the 1st prize of The European Music Games competition in Kazakhstan, Astana.

In 2018, the 1st prize and special prize for the best interpretation of a work by a contemporary composer Alexey Shor “Riga Classic Strings” competition in Riga – Latvia.

In 2019, the 1 prize “Vienna classic strings and festival” International competition.

2019 Queen Elizabeth Competition, semifinalist.

Chamber Orchestra "Soloists of Uzbekistan"

The Chamber Orchestra, "Soloists of Uzbekistan" was founded in 1986 by young and talented musicians of the republic.

The ensemble is made up of prize winners of international and national competitions, and likewise those who aspired to the Moscow and Tashkent National Conservatories.

Presently the ensemble is made up of gifted musiciand- largely graduates of the National Conservatory of Uzbekistan, as well as current students, many of whom are also prize winners of international and National competitions.

The Chamber Orchestra, "Soloists of Uzbekistan" is one of the most creative collectives, with concerts that focus on the esthetic development of the listener.

Its performative art is characterized by the high culture of ensemble musicality, and a deep exploration of the intellectual content of musical works.

This requires each artist to live up the title of the collective, in which every participant becomes a concert soloist, a musician of the highest qualification.

In the face of this bright creative individuality, and thanks to the talents of the Artistic Driector, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Anvar Raimdzhanov, the ideal ensemble is achieved through unified thought and feeling, fluidity, and a unified sound as an orchestra.

In the perfect technical direction and execution by the participants of the musical collective, Raimdzhanv achieves lofty heights of creativity.

The Repertoire of the ensemble is rich with various styles, directions, and genres. Special attention in the program is dedicated to the roots of the creative work of the composers.

Through its creativity, "Soloists of Uzbekistan" have introduced listeners with works of our home country, and our near abroad; Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltics.

Eight American States, the City of South Africa, Mozambique, where the orchestra have toured, have all met them with great applause.

Bright chapters in the history of the ensemble are noted in collaborations with such artists as; V. Pikaizen (Moscow),  A. Vinnitski (Moscow), B. Katarovich (Kiev), I. Kalnitsiem (Riga), V. Ambartsumyan (Moscow), Ramon Yaffe (Berlin), Hans-Ulrich Braner (Munich), Saim Akchil (Turkey),  Mikhail Rozenblum (Israel), Bekzod Abduraimov (USA), Chen Shi (China), Daniel Vice (USA).

Presently "Soloists of Uzbekistan" is one of the most popular collectives in its republic. All of the musicians are united by their love and loyalty to their profession, and in the pursuit of mastery.

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